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So I don't feel flu-y at all anymore. I mean, I get sicker from the drugs they gave me than I do from anything else, really. But I stopped having fever over 24 hours ago, so they concluded I am free to roam about. I can't really go to classes yet because I get woozy/nauseous as hell from the Tamiflu, but it's nice to be able to go get my own dinner for once. I owe my roomie a shitton of money on her meal plan.

So my first venture was to the SUB to get some food. Got pierogies, but they were raped and blasphemed by being covered in some spicy sauce that made me want to vomit up my Tamiflu for the third time. So I ended up buying some cereal and ginger ale and calling it a day. Best decision of the day. I got Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes, in case anyone was wondering.

BUT! Downside of a week in bed: I am a week behind on my classes! \o/ Math class will be excellent plus exciting. I'm not a math lady. I think in words and pictures and music. Most definitely not numbers.

BUT! ANOTHER BUT! Upside: I got my iPod back. My beautiful, beautiful, green 16 gig iPod nano. The original's name was Todd. Todd the 'pod. Todd met is unfortunate fate when my water bottle upturned itself in my school bag, drenching his poor circuits. He died a dignified death. The water damage indicator didn't go off, so I sent that sucker in to be fixed under warranty. The result was a brand spankin' new 'pod to be named Rod. As in Rod the 'pod. Rod seems to be a cool dude. I'll keep you updated.


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