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So, I was diagnosed with the flu yesterday. The regular kind, not the kind that involves kissing piggies. But still, it sucks. I knew something was up when I had a fever of 102 and couldn't stop shaking :(((((( So, my school decided that the best way to combat that is to quarantine me to my room. I guess it makes sense, but still, I'm pretty sure I'm going apeshit in here. It's only been a day and I'm ready to tear my hair out. Except I'm way too tired to follow through with it.

Awww, I just noticed my roommate left the remote for the TV on my desk. She's a sweetie. Anyway, I'm so hopped up on antibiotics right now. The reason I got this DW account is because
1. I have poor impulse control
2. I wanted something to do with my life while I can't really do much else (the parameters of my quarantine are that I can leave 24 hours after I stop having fever.)
3. I'm a journalism major. Blogging should be more natural to me than it is. I'm going to actually try this time.

So, when I think of more interesting things to say, I'll post'em. Until then, I'm going to be watching more NCIS and Gossip Girl on my computer. Ugh, life, you're so boring


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